Pokémon: Let’s Go! Shiny Hunting Guide

Pokémon: Let’s Go! makes shiny hunting easier than ever!

Shiny Onix
Shiny Onix

Players have come to a relative consensus on how finding shiny Pokémon works in Let’s Go!, and it requires a lot of patience. And if you want an extra boost, completing the Pokedex with give a shiny charm.

First of all, we’ll first recommend a more accessible, well-tested method, however. Most players are having luck chaining catch combos, which are racked up when capturing several of the same species of Pokémon. As your chain increases, so do the odds of finding a shiny Pokémon. Once hitting the maximum combo, 31 (although you can still continue to catch more of the same kind of Pokémon after this if you’d like for better IVs), you’ll now have a one in 341 chance of landing on a shiny.

Or you can be lucky

Beware, the combo will reset if you exit out to the home menu, break it by catching a different, non-shiny monster or a Pokémon runs away from you.

Although, the folks at @SerbeiiNet have posted what they believe to be the current shiny odds. Given their history and standing in the Pokemon community they are most likely to have the correct chances. They are listed below:

Catch ComboShiny RateShiny Rate With LureShiny Rate with Shiny CharmShiny Rate with Shiny Charm with Lure
0-101 in 40961 in 20481 in 1365.31 in 1024
11-201 in 10241 in 819.21 in 682.61 in 585.14
21-301 in 5121 in 455.11 in 409.61 in 372.36
31+1 in 341.31 in 315.081 in 292.571 in 273.07

What you have to do then is wait. For exemple, either keep catching the same Pokémon over and over until you encounter a shiny version of the type you’d like, or just pace around until that shiny appears. (You’ll either immediately recognize them on the over-world map or see them sparkle.) The shiny Pokemon will be random (it could the one you were chaining or a different one).

Remember the combo break when:

  • Quitting the game
  • Catching another Pokemon
  • Catching the evolve form of the current Pokemon
  • If a Pokemon runs away, your chain will break

Happy Shiny Hunting!

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